escape among
the stars

Journey Through a Myserious World

Mirastell is set on a derelict cruiser, drifting through space, and filled with secrets to uncover. Discover what lead to the fate of the passengers, and earn weapons and items by exploring, and defeating enemies. Mirastell hides new surprises and rewards around every corner.

Levels in Mirastell are different every time you play. When you begin a new expidition the world will realign itself, making the game feel new and fresh. Each and every section of the ship has a secret to uncover, or puzzle to solve.

Fight for Survival

Battle the ARCADIA, an evil AI network, in a unique spin on strategic turn-based combat, built from the ground up to feel engaging and exciting. Choose your fights carefully, however. As you delve deeper and deeper into the ship enemies will appear in greater numbers, and if you die you will lose all the items you are carrying, as well as all of your XP.

Unlock Powerful Rewards

Mirastell features a diverse set of quests that will guide you through your play experience. These quests will force you outside of your comfort zone, expanding your mastery of the game, and rewarding you with exciting weapons, consumables, and more.

Rewards can also be found on your expiditions, and will be hidden throughout the ship for keen players to discover.