Overwatch Mod Projects

Overwatch mods have been a great way to develop my design skills. Being able to build content on top of a really solid base of gameplay, sound and visuals has allowed me to create projects with scope and polish that I never could have achieved alone.

Below, is a list of projects I have built in the workshop, along with some clips and a short description.

The Volskaya Raid

"The Volskaya Raid" is my most ambitious project. It is a PvE activity inspired by the raids of "Destiny" or "WoW". The Raid has custom AI scripting, challenging mechanics, and new hero abilities for every hero.

- There is no nav mesh or built-in pathfinding, so enemies use some clever tricks along with a custom node system to move around. Despite this they are still able to track players around corners, and search the area.

- Heros all needed custom abilities to be able to deal with a PvE environment in a balanced and fun way. These abilities were inspired by statements I wrote for each hero, such as "I wade through enemies on the battlefield" for Reinhardt or "I'm an immovable object" for Orisa.

- This game works with up to 4 players in co-op, and has been play tested several times with community members, who gave positive feedback.

For Glory

"For Glory" is a project loosely inspired by "For Honor," a 3rd person fighting game by Ubisoft Montreal. This gamemode is first person, and features 3 different heros who all have a unique fighting style.

- The AI featured in these videos was originally just built for testing, but it ended up being a pretty solid opponent and is still around in the playable version.

- The gamemode is also playable as PvP, and works with as many players as you want.

Other Custom Missions

Over my time with the Workshop, I have built several other short missions. These missions have custom AI, mission objectives, and hero balancing.

- The clip featuring Winston is a stealth system that was never actually turned into a full mission due to some technical constraints which existed at the time. The stealth system allowed enemies to intellegently become aware of players using sounds they created.