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This page is a collection of my verious games and projects that I want to show off. The code for all of them was written by me, unless stated otherwise. Most of the art in these projects is also not mine, and I make no claim over it. If you want to know if something is mine, just ask yourself if any of the small children in your life could replicate it in MS paint. If so, it was likely me.

Mirastell - escape among the stars

Mirastell is my largest project yet, at around 10,000 lines of code written by me. Working on it has taught me so much about game design and engineering, and I have enjoyed every second. An alpha build is currently available for download on its website, which is linked below.

GearHeadz webpage

This is a website that I built for my FRC team to help advertise our team and raise funds. This is a great example of my ability to create quality content unter irregular conditions. The whole site is actually a weebly site that uses some JavaScript magic to load in a site written in HTML, using Bootstrap. The original design for this website was created as part of a team project, but its implementation here was completely by me.

Phaser JS Learning Path

During my time with KidOYO I created a set of courses and challenges meant to certify students in game development with Phaser JS. This material is available on oyoclass, an online learning platform created by KidOYO, as part of their game develoment package.

Phaser JS multiplayer game using Node JS

This project is one of my favorites. Using a node JS backend, this game supports a theoretically infinite number of players. The server is able to track player position with extremely low latency, and uses some fun math to predict the movment of players and ensure they are displaying in the correct position for everyone connected.

Firebsed Cloud Computation

This is a basic proof of concept of cloud computing using ad-hoc pier to pier. It uses google's firebase to send equations and solutions between computers. It can be on your computer or on another. Simply input an equation into the front and hit the button, then the back end will calculate the answer and your computer will recieve and display it.

My links to the project are currently down. I'm working hard to replace them

Phaser JS Maze Lesson

This is the code for a lesson that I made June of 2018. It is an HTML 5 maze game with an enemy, key mechanic and win screen. These small features were made to be modular, and easy to teach. I do not currently have a copy, but one should be available soon.


This is a game I made called Control. It is a set of 5 platformer games I built in mid 2017, and then touched up a few times after that. Each platformer has its own mechanic or twist around how you move around, and a level or 2 I built to show off interesting ways that the mechanic could be used. This was the first game I built for HTML 5, and one of my first experiences with javascript ever.

Top-down shooter

This was one of the first games I ever made completely by myself, and I am immensely proud of it, to this day. It was built with Construct 2, somettime in 2016. In it you play a miliraty agent, fighting against pretty generic enemies. It's actually pretty fun!